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Phone WhatsApp  + 34 634 452 743

Phone WhatsApp  + 34 634 452 743

Pamplona Tour

Whether you’re in Pamplona doing the Camino or are going to stop here for the day let us give you an insight into this unique region and culture. During your time with us we’ll help you understand how things work in small towns in the Iberian Peninsula.

Many visitors when arriving in Pamplona in the afternoon, they notice that it’s very quiet, almost eerie, and they think… ‘Where is all the people gone?’

After a few hours walking around they realise that the town springs back to live in the late afternoon, early evening. Everything here is done at certain times for certain reasons. The markets close at 14:00, the retail shops close between 13:30 and 16:30 and the Pintxos are eaten before lunch or before dinner.

If you would like to get to know about Pamplona’s history, we’re here to help you. Whether you only have a couple of hours in the city or a full day to spend we can assist you.

History tour – 2 hours

The walking tour will begin in the area occupied by the Cathedral of Pamplona. This burgh, (the old name for a city) Navarrería, has been inhabited since the 5th century BC due to its strategic position over the river. You’ll discover the origins of Pamplona and the Saint James Way (El Camino).

In City Hall square you’ll learn how three old burghs or cities were subdivided until Pamplona was finally unified as one city in 1423 by King Charles III. The City Hall was built on the spot all three cities intersected!

We’ll walk the old streets where the infamous Running of the Bulls takes place each year, and will hear about the San Fermin festival’s origins, history and traditions.

Pincho Tour – 2 hours

Well worth taking the Pinchos if you have the time. This is one of Pamplona’s longstanding traditions. You will visit up to three different bars and try six different pinchos or servings of food accompanied by carefully-matched wines. Enough for a full lunch or dinner.

We need a minimum of 2 people to be able to run these tours, party of 1 please email for availability. All our tours are private, just for your party so we can customise it for your interests and preferences.

We cater for special requirements, such as food allergies, intolerances and dietary requirements.

If you’d like more information please contact me, Bea, on .

My telephone number is + 34 634 452 743, I’m also available via whatsApp.

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