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Phone WhatsApp  + 34 634 452 743

Hands on Cooking Class for a great Basque meal!

Enjoy a real experience in the kitchen with our chef. After your hard work enjoy a delicious lunch cooked by you and your classmates. The dishes will be paired with carefully chosen wines from Rioja, Navarra and Txakoli denominations of origin.

  • Includes: Expert chef’s tuition, multi-course lunch with dishes prepared in the class, carefully slected Spanish wines, English speaking food and wine expert
  • Duration: 4 hours approximately
  • Number of people: From 8 people
  • Price: Please ask for a quotation and let us know the number of people in the group
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Like the region, Navarra’s gastronomy is amazingly diverse. On the border between France and Spain, the Basque Country is a small area of Europe synonymous with good food, excellent wines, proud people and rich cultural heritage.

On a side note, San Sebastian, the culinary city par excellence, was founded by the king of Navarra Sancho VI, the Wise, in the12th century.

If you’re looking for some of the best quality vegetables, wine and creative dishes in Europe, you’re in the right place. For some perspective, the region has been making wine for over 20 centuries. Today there’s been somewhat of a revival of old roots, literally, with young winemakers producing increasingly interesting and bold wines that represent the region around the world.

Pamplona (Iruña in Basque), with its central spot on the Camino pilgrimage to St James, has since time immemorial received travellers and their gastronomic influences and incorporated them into their own culinary traditions.

That all means you will find yourself in an exciting city for lovers of fine foods, great produce, superb wines and friendly locals.

During the workshop you’ll learn how to make some of our more traditional and modern dishes. First, the chef will introduce the dishes that will be cooked during the session. This is a hands-on workshop where you’ll be given an apron and will prepare great food with top-quality produce. The recipes vary from easy to more elaborate creations, and are a mix of traditional and creative dishes.

The workshop ends with the lunch you and your classmates prepared. The food will be paired with great local wines. We need a minimum of 8 people to organise the Cooking Workshop.

If you have any special requirements, such as food allergies, or you’d like more information please contact us.


pamplona food masterchef
pamplona food masterchef
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