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Cork Stopper types

Tipos Corchos

There are 5 types of cork, I detail them before:

  • Natural: extracted as one piece from the bark of the cork-oak tree
  • Colmated: natural cork with high porosity, covered with cork powder
  • Agglomerated: manufactured from cork granules derived from by-products resulting from the production of natural stoppers
  • Twin top: an agglomerated cork body with discs of natural cork glued to its top or both ends
  • Synthetic: manufactured with plastic and silicone polymers


Natural stoppers can be found in various qualities and dimensions. Longer stoppers are used in wines associated with longer bottled maturing. However, it should be noted that the quality of the seal over time depends more on the diameter of the stopper than on its length.

tipos de corchostipos corchos

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