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Phone WhatsApp  + 34 634 452 743

Phone WhatsApp  + 34 634 452 743

Pamplona Tour

Whether you’re in Pamplona doing the Camino or are going to stop here for the day let us give you an insight into this unique region and culture. During your time with us we’ll help you understand how things work…

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Tipos Corchos

Cork Stopper types

There are 5 types of cork, I detail them before: Natural: extracted as one piece from the bark of the cork-oak tree Colmated: natural cork with high porosity, covered with cork powder Agglomerated: manufactured from cork granules derived from by-products…

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Tapon Rosca

Cork stopper or screw cap?

Historically cork has been ideal to seal and conserve wine in bottles. Its porosity allows micro-oxygenation so the wine can evolve in the bottle. Therefore cork would be ideal for wines that require evolution. The screw cap is manufactured with…

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