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Máximo Abete Winery

Coleccion Maximo Abete

I would like to introduce you to a great winery from the area of Saint Martin of Unx, Navarre. There are many great wineries in such a small town; I shall be introducing them all to you in next posts.

Maximo Abete winery is a small family owned winery that was set by Maximo, who was the first to commit to making wine from the family vineyards. He believed that they had the potential to make top quality wines, not just to sell grapes to coops like his neighbours. Maximo sadly passed away a few years ago, so the winery is now run by his two daughters Yoanna and Maria, and Juanma, his son in law.

Their 14 plots are situated at an altitude of 600-800 metres on fertile, clay soils that slope down towards the valleys and rivers below. They are low production vineyards with high quality.

They are passionate for what they do and it shows in their wines. La Blanca is their unoaked chardonnay, refreshing, crisp white. Their rosé, Casalasierra, 100% Grenache, is a zesty rosé with strawberry notes. Their reds are also fantastic, they have many types, from 4 months oak aged to their crianzas and reservas.

If you’re in the area go and see them. Alternatively you can try some of their wines in Pamplona Food!

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