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Pamplona, Running of the Bulls and Bea

Running Of The Bulls

We received a lovely testimonial from our friends from Baltimore, USA. They spent a few days with us during the Running of the Bulls Festival in Pamplona. We were so happy to hear/read what they said that we thought of sharing it with all of you, it really feels special when someone says such lovely things about us!

“Visiting Pamplona during the Festival of San Fermin has got to be one of the best trips we’ve ever taken. Hands down, the top of our list!

When we arrived at the train station, we were welcomed with open arms and taken care of as if we were long time friends. We felt as if we had the insider information. Bea knew exactly where to go and what to do. She made sure we were able to do everything we wanted and suggested things we didn’t even know about! For years it had been a goal of my husband Dustin’s to run with the bulls. Aside from that we weren’t sure what else to do aside from participating in the “party”. However, Bea was a wealth of knowledge with an insider’s access to everything San Fermin. Bea was able to secure us a prime balcony for viewing the Encierro and was even able to broker bull fight tickets on short notice. She showed us all of the best places to eat and drink as well and introduced us to the delicious Kalimotxo and Pintxos of the area. We even headed out of town for a day to see more of the countryside, learn the region’s history and view one of the most amazing castles we have ever seen!

A special thanks to Bea for not only making us feel welcome, but also for showing us how to enjoy the festival like a local. Without a doubt our experience was enriched by Bea and her eagerness to show off her part of the world. Bea and her husband were so kind and thoughtful. We cannot recommend them highly enough.

-Laurel and Dustin

Baltimore, MD USA”

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