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Cata En Bodegas Valdemar

Today I wanted to tell you about ‘Viñedos Singulares or Singular Vineyards’ a new cathegory of Rioja denomination of origin (wine commission) The rules for the wines produced under this qualification are much more restrictive than those followed by generic Rioja wine.

‘Singular Vineyards’ consist of vineyards located in specific sites with special soil and climate conditions different from its surroundings.

It is a category different from generic Rioja, with conditions for viticulture and wine making more restrictives. Encourages notably higher quality warranties to the rest of Rioja wines which implies that production costs are higher. Thus, the wines obtained have singular qualities and traits.

Some of the conditions required are:

  • Vineyards must be at least 35 years old
  • Manual harvest only
  • Wine made with grapes from the plots under ‘Viñedo Singular’ qualification
  • Maximum production per hectare
  • Yield under 65%
  • Viticulture tecniques oriented to sustainable agriculture and respect for the environment
  • Vineyard with exclusive production owned or rented for at least 10 years
  • On the label ‘Viñedo Singular’ should appear under the name and in the back label
  • Double quality check, an initial check like all rioja wines and a second one before market release. ‘Excellent’ qualification must be achieved in both

The new system moves Rioja wines away from oak-aging as the primary indication of quality. I think that this is great news and we’ll be able to see some exceptional wines made under this denomination.

I recommend you Bodegas Valdemar and its singular wine Finca Alto Cantabria. 

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